Ginger & Nuts
Introducing the one and only Ginger and Nuts Radio Show! Tune in for a blast of banter and good vibes every Friday afternoon, guaranteed to kickstart your weekend with a bang.

Join this dynamic duo as they take you through the airwaves, reaching over 50 radio stations in the UK and beyond, with a whopping 50k listeners hanging onto their every word. And let’s not forget their 21k TikTok tribe, who can’t get enough of the Ginger and Nuts magic.

From collaborating with big names like Marvel to Disney On Ice, these two bring a fresh perspective to the airwaves. What sets them apart? They do it all for the love of it, using their show as a therapeutic escape from the challenges of chronic pain and mental health battles.

Recognised as the Best Community Radio Show, Ginger and Nuts are the talk of the town. Nominated for the prestigious National On Air Radio Personalities award, these two are destined for greatness.